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Our core values shape the way our mission is carried out.


Doing right by the participant is always the answer. Although sometimes difficult to do, we believe that if we stick to our clear intentions of helping the participant achieve their goals in an open and honest manner the results will follow. Furthermore we are managed by Islamic values and whilst respecting choice and control, where possible we will ensure that these values are upheld. This means, no alcohol or pork related products are to be brought to the office or home base, again allowing for a more inclusive environment for our primarily muslim clientele.


We are passionate about our mission to make a positive impact on the Disability employment industry. Every client has their own goals heard and worked towards.


Without trust we cannot achieve outcomes. We value collaboration, respect, and positive intentions in all our interactions, and we believe that working together is key to achieving success.


Whilst 70% of our staff and clientele are from an Islamic background, we recognise the often untapped potential of diversity within the NDIS. Our diffrences make us stronger and allow for more creativity, experience and diversity within the team and clients.


You're not you when you're hungry, which serves as a reminder that your well-being extends beyond your professional life. To truly excel and reach your potential, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation in all aspects of your life, encompassing personal safety, mental health, and physical health. Only with a stable foundation in place can you effectively pursue and achieve your employment aspirations.

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